Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics


Powering Software with Artificial Intelligence

A software powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) means that a software would be enabled to output useful AI analytics/insights to the users and/or trigger specific action(s) based on the output information. This could start from a simple demand prediction for a particular product in the market to weather prediction and user shopping behaviour prediction to name a few. Based on the predicted data, a system can automatically take actions such as deciding which ad should be shown to a particular user based on their past shopping analytics, blocking fraudulent transactions and much more.


Power Of Data In the Digital World

Collecting data was once a rather boring and tedious job. But now, wIth numerous businesses moving online, the internet is flooded with huge amounts of data. Data Science by large helps businesses to convert their raw business data into a structured form and derive useful and actionable insights. WIth data analytics, a business can now be intelligent and smart.

Why AI & Data Analytics

Collecting data is not an issue anymore, but getting the right, structured and useful data is what is tricky now. WIth data analytics, businesses can take smart predictive and preventive actions. May it be finance, healthcare, marketing or security, data analytics can be applied to any business domain. Data Analytics would help businesses gain insights about their users that would allow them to take all the necessary actions to give their users a better experience. AI on the other hand would help businesses automate some of their tasks, whilst giving them the time and freedom to think about other important problems.

AI enabled analytic solutions help businesses achieve

100 times faster data analysis and reporting

25% revenue increase

75% reduction of operational costs

Our Approach

We would work closely with you on AI and Data Analytics related solutions so that we can better understand your business needs. We analyze your business needs and give useful recommendations on how to design, develop and implement an analytics solution. We would help you with your data collection, structuring, processing, and visualization that would fit your needs.

Our engagement model for the AI and Data Science related activities:

  • Consultation and feasibility study (Understanding of your business and the needs)
  • AI requirement analysis (Detailed analysis of all functional and nonfunctional requirements to AI relating to your business)
  • Solution architecture design (Finalising all software and infrastructure requirements)
  • Software development (If required as part of the scope of work)
  • AI module development (Data preparation, processing, machine learning, training and testing)
  • AI deployment (Deployment of the solution into your existing software infrastructure and/or integrating with a new software)
  • Support and upgradation of the AI-powered software (Constant support to ensure that the application is bug-free and to ensure optimal performance of the software)

Our Expertise

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